Nikki Jeffrey


Sean Hanlon

Nikki Jeffrey and Sean Hanlon

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From the beginning...

If you ask Nikki, they started dating in grade 9 when she walked into the front hall of Erindale and saw Sean for the first time. She immediately fell in love with his curly hair. Not knowing anyone at the school, Nikki had to figure out a way of getting Sean's attention. After inviting him over with other friends, commenting on his Facebook pictures, and having her soccer teammates phone him to say "Nikki likes you" and hang up... Sean still was just not getting the hint. Besides, he had more important things to worry about (hockey). It wasn't until grade 12, when Nikki posted a picture on Facebook of all the chocolate she bought while on a trip to Switzerland and Sean commented "Woww thanks for buying me all this chocolate!" did they finally start talking.
13 years later, they're getting married!